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Einstein's Brother

Albert Einstein had a brother.
He was unlike any other.
He was not so very bright,
yet he was an awesome sight.

He was big and strong, you see.
He'd open doors without a key!
If there was no doorway there,
he'd make one darn near anywhere!

He wore great big clunky shoes,
a style no one but he would choose
He wore a suit without a tie,
not real cool, but he got by.

He never had a lot to say,
and mostly people stayed away.
He loved spinach, turned him green,
but he was nice, not ever mean.

He used to roam the streets at night.
It gave some folks an awful fright.
He'd just come in off the street,
looking for some food to eat.

They finally ran him out of town.
They didn't want his kind around.
It didn't matter what he did
or that at heart was just a kid.

He lived alone until he died,
with no friends, although he tried.
He was no rocket scientist.
How sad that he would not be missed.

Albert Einstein gained much fame,
giving glory to their name.
He didn't mean to so outshine
his younger brother, Frank Einstein.

Copyright; Albert Van Hoogmoed
Email: [email protected]



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