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Have you ever met a happy bus driver? If you have - I'd like to meet him. They grunt, grumble and huff as you struggle past. Just to see one smile would be nice.

Late Again?

If you'd like to hurry up,
I mean I ain't got all day,
I don't wait here for the fun of it,
you're all making a delay,

Don't make me leave you standing,
Oh I'm not trying to be funny,
But I shall put my foot down,
unless I see THE right money!

Your type keep my Mrs moaning,
She says, "Bill; you always come home late"
I said "I don't do it on purpose,
That fortune must be fate!"

I could swap shifts with Frank and do his run,
I used too - when me and Flo first got wed,
But now I drive the Brixton round,
So I can wet me whistle at the ole kings head!

Some nights; she waits for me in the front room,
Looking severely angry and with her arms crossed,
I've tried every excuse in the book!
"Went to hospital, bus broke down - I got lost!"

Rotten, old bag - gives me no freedom,
all I ask is for a good night out,
We have to go to the orchestra or theatre!
Any other place than the pub when she's about

But suddenly life is looking a lot brighter,
I shine in everything I now do!
Its all thanks to an attractive, cheerful brunette
Who hops on at stop twenty four Birlington Avenue!

Copyright; Adam Millar
Email: [email protected]



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