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Animals Poems


Animals Poems

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A Bonanza of a DayTony Parry

It was in the shire of Scone where fine Thoroughbreds are grown And sheep and cattle graze contentedly, ....

A Cat Named JoeLeighton B Watts

There's a cat named Joe and you wouldn't want to know, But he thinks he'd like to be a Hippopotamus.....

A Dog's Life?Mr. A. Non

There once was a feisty young terrier,.......

A Fishy 'Tail' of WoeArcadia Flynn

I've been hooked I've been iced I've been scaled and then sliced...

Animal CrackersWalter Occleston

A hedgehog is a funny thing, 'twill curl up tightly in a ring,......

Animal Health Warning Ephraim Crud

The moon were at its full that night when I first heard Horace croak, .......

APEX James Hacsi

Did you see that bare-breasted, pole-climbing dancer today?

A Spider In The SinkS Theobald

So if you ever see a spider drinking gin and apple cider,...

Aylwin's ParrotJoe Pamanian

This is from an unpublished collection entitled "Unusual Birds of Many Lands" or something like that...

Banana ZooEphraim Crud

Should you behold Banana Zoo you're sure of a big surprise for there you'll see Ken Kangaroo....

Before Purina (Ex Top Ten) Tad Lawson

How's a cat to get fat on THAT?

Big RedBette Moss

Poulets $1.50 the ad in the newspaper said And cockerals too at the very same price black or white or red We'll take half a dozen of each we agreed...

Billy & BobHeather Densley

A couple of townies purchased a farm - Thought they'd enjoy the peace and the calm. But if hobby farmers they wanted to be, They needed some animals for people to see....

Bogus NocturneEric Hansen

Bogus the Bogung was a moth, who aspired, To scale the Hollywood heights, Yearning to mingle with starlets who're single; A foppish and gallant squire.

BullocksHarvey Dux

The things a farmer has to go through to make a living!.

But Grampa, You Just Said "Two"Tad Lawson

Sex education can't start too young.

Butterfly Gerald Bosacker

As you watch them flutter by ......

Cats Paul Bearer

Nice kitty. Now, PLEASE get off my lap! How can something so cute be so %$&#@#...

Cat ThortsBridh Hancock

(a cat's inspired musings, and if the form of this poem is not particularly tight, it is this cat's first and probably last piece of poetry, and it is pretty good too)

Cross-BreedingLeighton B Watts

Welcome to the Zoo, my friends Where things are a little out of whack You see, someone left the gates unlocked And the animals never looked back.....

Danger in the Wet Mr. A. Non

Some people in North Queensland (Australia) love having tourists visit them so much, that they tell them this tale...

  Does A Fish Go Pee? Caffy

Have you ever wondered how much of the water you're swimming in is really water?

  Day At The Zoo Tom Gaunt

Jack is asked to help out at the zoo in an unusual way

Don't Call Them Dog DrWryme

Dogs don't cry or do confessions though any dog, when mad, could bite. .....

Down At The Club Neil O'Hara-Smith

Odd goings on in a Yorkshire Working Men's club...

Drizabone Graham Fredriksen

As my heart sings a country song, I brave the yearly August throng, with pioneering instincts strong to where the bushmen are; ...

Eric the Evil Emu Rob Spence

Have you ever had an "incident" with an emu?

Fly By Night Lether

Where do flies go at night?

Flypaper Ephraim Crud

The title of this poem's misleadin', it's not quite as it implies for this is a thesis I've written...

Free PuppiesChristopher Stolle

You've seen the signs in front yards. Here's what's behind the words.

GoatsKathleen Thorpe

Trotting through the dusk on that deserted country lane, a sight I'd never seen before - nor never will again....

Guard DogS Theobald

I'm the world's most impossible bitch.

Have We Evolved? Matt Haught

"If we came from an ape, we're in pretty bad shape. It's kind of like the raisin that came from a grape"

Hugh (The Gnu) Bob Pladek

This child's poem captures the feelings of wanting the impossible, and realization of the wonders of the actual.

I Am A De-sexed Pussy Cat Jacqueline H. Bridle

I am a desexed pussy cat, they took me to the vet, Because I got all horny, but I never got one yet. The female cats around me just hissed and scratched my face, And my owners got annoyed with me when I hissed around the place. ....

I Don't Believe In Fish Anymore Ephraim Crud

Armed with a rod in a boat on a pond wonderin' 'why?' when I'm not at all fond of fishin' and wishin'

I Hope Yer Sheep Get Flyblown Janine Haig Eulo Q.

So you're the mob got all the rain while we got hardly none; The clouds massed over your place and left us with the sun. Your bit of sky grew darker, while we just got the heat -

I Want A Pet Gordon Taylor

Some animals make perfect pets, some animals don't.

Karens Chooks Harvey Dux

Some backyard chooks are easy to miss, but not Karens.

Manimal James McDougall

Have you ever wished you could be an animal even for one day? This is a short poem about that very wish!

Me Pet Dislikes Ephraim Crud

An undying friendship. From his book 'Inert Activity'

More Nature StudiesJoe Pamanian

I met a man who told me that He had a pet, a vampire bat. ....

Mountain Hero Patricia Markey

Way up in the mountain ranges, where the bellbirds ring the changes, and the Autumn deer are roaring underneath the gum trees soaring, .....

Murphy's Jersey Bull Mr. A. Non

Murphy was a battler, forever trying to grub A living from a holding that was mainly stone and scrub, He had seven hungry children, so he greeted with dismay, The announcement from his missus that the eighth was on the way.

My First Time Michelle Wise

But slowly she spread her legs apart.....

My Gilded Filly Travis Brasell

There's always some real interesting twists and turns to ranch life, but here's one that that really takes the cake.

My Googly Eyed Goldfish Pauline Skerman

Its a wet- wet -wet -dark Sunday, I'm standing at my sink. I'm looking at my Goldfish, What does my goldfish think?

Murphy's PigPimms

Now Paddy and Murphy were two Irish men Who went to the market one day...

No Egrets Ian Mackay

All these years I've driven in the country, You know I've always wondered how; When you'd see a field full of cattle, There was always one egret... for every cow.

Pet Problem Dave Larson

My hamster has the hiccups I think it's rather funny.....

Piddlin' Pete Jo Anderson

A farmer's dog came into town, His Christian name was Pete. A noble pedigree he had,....

Puppy Love Brian Bell

Dolores had been on her own for a while, since Herbie had cashed in his chips. Just lately, a friend gave Dolores a pup, returning a smile to her lips....

Pussy In Tights Samantha M Jones

Oh dear...I am in such distress My pussy is in a right mess She bites off her fur, which is causing a stir So I covered her up......

Ode To A Missouri MuleFred Moore

Have you ever plowed with a mule, especially one that should have been an extra in " The Exorcist" .......well I have.....and I just barely lived to tell about it. A coutry boy's tale of barnyard horror!!!

One Ugly DogWally Finch

"Davo" Davidson had a dog that was the meanest thing around. No one knew what breed he was. We just called him "that mongrel hound" ...

Pedro the Paranoid Pirhanna (Ex Top Ten) The Grin Reaper

I'm Pedro the paranoid pirhanna, and I don't think that I'll see manyana,'cos some o' me mates, want me on their plates -

RatStephen Cree

A rat the size of a lorry has invaded my garden shed...

Rocky Don Johnson

Tis occured to me after a visit by some religious types :)

Rod, the Lion-Hearted Kitten Connie Hinnen Cook

Young Rod was just a small red cat, but no one ever told him that!

Snakebite Neil O'Hara-Smith

The flying doctor's phone rang...

Some Nature StudiesJoe Pamanian

...a guide to the wonderful world of animals and birds!

Spiderless Samantha Jones

Lifted up me leg and squashed 'im, wiv me boot.

Taking Stock Bob Wombacher

Counting cows from a moo-ving train Can blow your mind and fry your brain.....

The AlbatriceJoe Pamanian

...from the collection (unpublished) entitled "Unusual Birds of Many Lands."

The CatLeighton B Watts

I was talking to this jerky bloke, his movements sharp and quick He couldn't look you in the eye, he had a twitchy tic.....

The Caterpillar Gordon Taylor

An insects life flashes past his many eyes as he waits for the end to come..

The Family Cat Stringybark

Oh tragedy! Alas, alack! Pets are a wonderful addition to the family, until they die, and then how do you handle this sensitive family crisis? With tact or tack?

The Family Pet Jacqueline Ramm

Some family pets are more trouble than others!

The Fisherman's Tale Paul Wilkinson

Okay, so fishermen have been known to stretch the truth a little...!!!

The Goating Bug Jennifer Haig

Me dad, he got the goating bug and his eyes - they all went weird, In place of brown were dollar signs and new plans were engineered;

The Hair of the Dog (Ex Top Ten) Charlee Marshall

There are dogs of all shapes and all sizes There are dogs of all colours and breeds There are some that youd call early risers And some that lie dow in the weeds But Ill tell you about Mrs Grundy...

The Irish Pig Mr. A. Non

'Twas an evening in November, As I very well remember, I was strolling down the street in drunken pride, ...