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Children Poems

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Abie David J O'Sullivan

Abie was a Jewish boy. His father said, "My son. You must be circumcised, you know!" And that was duly done.....

Clod Fight DonL

What's going on? My brother Barry asked of me "Stick up your head, and tell us what you see"...

Don't Leave Me Here To Vegetate! Ephraim Crud

Me earliest recollection is the smell of rottin' cabbage .....

Extremely Bad Advice for Parents Lynette McCauley

Take this advice at your peril!!

Enchantment Bee Rawlinson

This happened one winter morning when my daughter was four.

Facts of Life Vivienne Ledlie

The father smiled to see his child come running to his side. "Please tell me, Daddy, what is meant by that word 'sex'" she cried.

Facts of Life 2 (Ex Top Ten) Keith Allibone

There comes that time in every child's life to ask the question.

First Day WoesPat Cannard

This poem illustrates how traumatic the first day of school can be. It's a true story.

Free PuppiesChristopher Stolle

You've seen the signs in front yards. Here's what's behind the words.

GroundedRichie Renaud

Inside the mind of a teen that is grounded!

Help Harmon Rose

Screaming, struggling, to the point of tears, he continued the drama, as though for years,

I Want A Pet Gordon Taylor

Some animals make perfect pets, some animals don't.

Jasmin's Birthday Arcadia Flynn

Thank you for the party Mum My birthday was such fun I know my friends will all come back When I have another one .

Kids T Wilson

Picking up the kids And all their little troubles Doing it all quick....

Little Rose (Ex Top Ten) Paul Wilkinson

Little blue eyed Rose Sinclair, Stood shyly by the barber's chair While Mr. Fairclough trimmed the hair Of Rose's father, sitting there....

Maid Of Money Bob Wombacher

Doc, I'm really in a pickle; My little girl just ate a nickel....

Mr. Tidwell's Soul Ginger Wiegman

I knew he was perfectly capable of such a crime.....

My Googly Eyed Goldfish Pauline Skerman

Its a wet- wet -wet -dark Sunday, I'm standing at my sink. I'm looking at my Goldfish, What does my goldfish think?

Nearly Topoke

Just what do mums find under their young sons' beds?

New Life The Poet

When you were born you looked so cute all dressed up in your birthday suit.

Nicknames Noel Stallard

You wonder why our parents bother giving us a name, As people change the ones we get so nothing is the same. An Anthony becomes Tony and Michael, Mike or Mick, And Joseph always ends of Joe, all Richard gets is Dick....

On Being "Behind" In One's Reading Author Unknown

Junior bit the meter man. Junior kicked the cook Junior's antisocial now (According to the book)

O Teacher! My Teacher! Gunjan

I wrote this little parody for Teacher's Day (Sept 5th). With due respect to Walt Whitman.

Pennies From Heaven (Ex Top Ten) Tony Strauss

Young boys get a kick out of seeing a girls underwear and will often try every trick in the book to do so.

Please Mum?Barbara Warnock

Can you buy me a doll mum can you buy me a dress, can you buy me some paints mum so I can make a mess! ...

Ringo Blues (Ex Top Ten) Graham Fredriksen

He's bought himself a set of drums - Seems that's the latest fad For them with teenage craniums Just to annoy their Dad....

Sliiiiime Ian Sexton

It oozes up between your toes, then dribbles slowly down your nose - squishing, squelching through your hair, This ghastly goo is everywhere!

The College Ball Noel Stallard

Each year our schools combined to have, the Catholic College Ball, It was agreed it would be held, at St. Joey's Parish Hall. For weeks before the boys had asked, the girls could they befriend, And every night from six till eight, dance practice they'd attend....

The Legend Of The Tooth Fairy Elizabeth Lindberg

Have you ever wondered how a legend got started?

The Lion and Albert Marriott Edgar

There's a famous seaside town called Blackpool, That's noted for fresh air and fun, And Mr and Mrs Ramsbottom Went there with young Albert, their son...

The Parent Hideous Monster

You cared for me when I was young with tender love and care. You gave me food and shelter, and some clothes for me to wear...

The Terrible Teens Sasha Bailey

Remember what It's like to be a teenager? As you move on to the age of parenting here is a little personal reminder for you to remember exactly what it is like!

The Wreck Of Big Red Graham Fredriksen

I have this four-wheel motor bike that we all call Big Red. For eight long years, he worked the land, but now Big Red is dead.

Wet Pajamas Albert Van Hoogmoed

Once I had an awful dream....

When Visiting The Family Chloe Arbetin

Remember all those basic manners your mother taught you when you were is the real version of what she means to say.

Wonderful Mr Snowman Paul Kent

This poem is about a snowmen and contains hilarious insights into christmas culture and child psychology.

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