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A Bedwetting Child's Evening Prayer Albert Van Hoogmoed

Now I lay me down to sleep...

Albert Brown Martin Bentley

Albert Brown was a naval man Of proud but lowly rank. ....

Bogey Bethany Brown

The appeal of nose-picking whilst bored...

Can You Kazoo? Gerald Bosacker

A wonderful horn the Kazoo......

Cleopatra Laurel Kirkwood

Some motherly advice from history for my daughter.

Graffiti Ian Mackay

I found these words of wisdom, Inscribed on a dunny wall; Put there with a firmish hand... "God made MAN first of all." ...

Hot Stuff! Eva Rose

Hot and Spicy Very nicey....

  Little Mister Kipperface Andrew Matthews

I wrote this poem in 1991 for a friend's small daughter. Here in England, a kipper is a salted herring and a very popular fish to eat, especially for breakfast.

  Missing - Reward Offered Julie Angel

I thought I'd sit and write a ditty Full of charm and rather witty Then tragedy! - this is no rumour....

Pedro the Paranoid Pirhanna (Ex Top Ten) The Grin Reaper

I'm Pedro the paranoid pirhanna, and I don't think that I'll see manyana,'cos some o' me mates, want me on their plates -

Pretend Art Gerald Bosacker

I think most modern art is mostly fraud ......

Private Play (Ex Top Ten) Alan Corkish

When I was a little boy Snuggled safe in bed They said I should play with my soldiers..

Quest Pat Cannard

I got distressed that my contest now met with jest so to the west I flung with zest my brand new vest.

Scottish Breakfast Peter Holzworth

Black Pudding With Haggis and Egg, ...

Shined On Top Gerald Bosacker

My younger friends can hurt me ......

That For The Blokes (Ex Top Ten) Aaron Johnson

Now I'm old and feeble, And my pilot light is out, What used to be my sex appeal Is now my water spout...

The Cuckoo Sandy

A strange bird ...

The Flute Tutor Carolyn Wells

A tooter who tooted a flute tried to tutor two tooters to toot.

Tim Stuart Brewster

Tim, the insane inventor, Created a woman, but bent her.......

  Turvy Topsy Julie Angel

One fine summers day in mid winter I set off for a walk at a run .........

Vic The Vagrant Stephen Cree

Vic the vagrant wasn't fragrant but he didn't care...

Warm Comfort Peter C Friis

To blow a fart Is good for the heart....

You Are What You Eat Gerald Bosacker

I think most modern art is mostly fraud ......

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