Erotic Poems


Erotic Poems

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A Change of Habit Dam

iAn affair with a nun? It happened ooh my little blue nun

A Languid Cup of Tea Mir

Flirting in English Tea Rooms is frowned upon apparently....

Appiness Arcadia Flynn

During a long distance phone call to a friend in South america, the subject of men, relationships and love arose. My friend said (in her thick accent) "Don't worry darlink...all you need is 'appiness" I think this is what she meant….

A Special Love Rob Swales

How can I compare your beauty to other faces? You seduce me in the sunshine unashamedly, knowing I cannot look away....

Bibliophilia Tony Lupton

Now that I realise I have this obsession with books and reading, I need to find out if I am the only one who feels this way!

I Am Just A Normal Guy But... (Ex Top Ten) (Woody) Meltcher

Here is a weird funny song I wrote a while ago, and to this day cannot put it to music - that makes it a poem.

Itchy (Ex Top Ten) Marco Gliori

An itch to be scratched - A lust unmatched - An empty bed - "Let's go!" she said....

I Wish I Was A Donut Therese

I wish I was a donut And get eaten every day To stick on someone's fingers In a most delightful way....

Le banker heureuse (The happy banker) Roger Wooller

I'm happy just because I'm going banking, I'm putting all my money in "la bonk". I was feeling sad and very slightly wonky because my only option was to wonk.

Love Came Cautiously S. Sorrensen

like, at first, I tried not to notice her she was lovely, lovable, loved everybody loved her I didn't want to notice her ....

Maid For Me Tony Lupton

You're the sand in my cement We're Burton and Taylor ( Before Burton went ).......

My Phallic Lover Arcadia Flynn

You're the train inside my tunnel You're the finger in my glove You're the gear stick in my gearbox My god this must be love….

Nothing Is Quite What It Seems! Nikki Barker

This poem has it all, passion, romance, mystery, intrigue and even a little animal magnetism! How can you resist?

Panties (Ex Top Ten) Roger Wooller

She wanted embroidered on pants and her bra a message that told him that he'd gone too far....

Phone Games BarBaRa (The Essence) Brickland

You know what it's like? you're home alone..You have, you call her, and she's happy...she's very happy to hear your voice.

Showerdance: The Poem Rob Swales

I never show my dancing skills in public It's not that I can't dance you know, I prefer to reserve my artistic talent For the right place to let it show.....

Shoot The Breeze S. Sorrensen

It sorta just came out - I really shouldn't have sex with my mouth open. Despite my caution - I mean, after infatuation, what then?

Teaser Sophie Jean

Hey! You! Yeah, you with that "I've got nearly enough on my plate but I'd like a serving of you dressed in nothing more than massage oil" look in your eyes.....

The Winds of Change Jackie McGregor

Dedicated to all those female single thirtysomethings who dearly wish to be sexbombs but can't quite pull it off!

You Know What I Like Laurel Kirkwood

She likes what she likes. Here are her instructions....

Venus in Jodhpurs Ephraim Crud

I were stood in a clearin' dreamily endearin' to the antics of two little birds who were puddlin' and preenin'

Wet Dream Robyn Scott

Hot and wet ... I rediscover, The magic of my secret lover, Work day's problems in the past..

While Watching The News Violet Volcano

N. A. T. O. accidentally killed Innocent civilians today I placed my hand on his knee ...

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