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Family/Friends Poems

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BACKFIREMilton Taylor

It happened twenty years ago while travelling interstate Looking for a shearing job - the night was getting late. ...

Christmas TraditionKathryn (Chris) Hamann

My father was Catholic of a true Irish strain It was a point of honour that from the first Sunday in Advent he never drew one sober breath The Lord was toasted / made welcome in every inn.

Danger! Phyllis McDuff

I didn't chop my fingers. They're just short and pink and fat. I didn't chop my fingers when I went CHOP, CHOP, like that!

For Mother Ephraim Crud

You nursed me through me milk teeth, ....

Grannie's Trannie Margaret Glendenning

Since Grannie tuned her trannie to a wee small hours D.J., She's learning, on an average, six new words a day! When she used her new found knowledge to express her point of view The pot plants all keeled over and the atmosphere burned blue!

Grannie's Will Shirley Friend

Mum was watching the soapies when Aunt Millie rang this day. Said she was going round to Grandma's she was about to pass away. I burst into tears with self pity. Remembering as a kid ... her ways. Wiping my nose on her apron stiff from the other days.

Grandma's off her Rocker! Author Unknown

In the dim and distant past, When life's tempo wasn't fast, Grandma used to rock and knit, Crochet, tat and baby sit. .....

I Am My Own Grandpa (Ex Top Ten) Molly Ellis

Many, many years ago When I was twenty-three I got married to a widow Pretty as could be.

It's Not Too Different Robert Oxford

It's not too different ... way down here The sun's a bit hotter ... It's a good drop 'o beer It's not too way out ... in a strange sort of way ...

Just Another GirlVida Rideout

I remember, I remember the night that I was born, It was dark and stormy, but I couldn't wait 'til morn. Dad went for the doctor, he was in bed fast asleep. He opened up one beady eye, and said. "I think she'll keep." .....

Just a TheoryMatt Haught

Just a different look at the origin of man ...

MeeM Paul Bearer

Send in the clones. I've not been feeling myself recently!

Mum Stephen Cree

The very first words I ever spoke, according to my mum, were...

Old Tom's Daughters Roger Wooller

Old Tom had five hardworking girls. He kept them on the run. Molly mustered Tilly tallied...

Ringo Blues (Ex Top Ten) Graham Fredriksen

He's bought himself a set of drums - Seems that's the latest fad For them with teenage craniums Just to annoy their Dad....

The Camp Fire (Ex Top Ten) Stringybark

Ah! remember the good old family camping trips!

The Curse Lona Walker

This poem has nothing to do with my current mother-in-law. . .everything to do with the ex-one.

The Godfather Wally (The Bear) Finch

An Italian family that lives near me had a welcome addition to their family And for miles around with vino and grins happy folk celebrated the birth of twins. ...

The Lion and Albert Marriott Edgar

There's a famous seaside town called Blackpool, That's noted for fresh air and fun, And Mr and Mrs Ramsbottom Went there with young Albert, their son...

The Typical Tippings Mark Both

The Tippings were of typical genus, Dad from Mars, Mum from Venus, Sibling Junior, of perfect pedigree, ...

The Ventriloquist Denis Kevans

Our job was to get" the scratchings" ready for their final flight, In the steerage class compartment of the angels' satellite, And Maxie, our technician, was waiting, "Brahms and Liszt", ...

Tom's Washer DonL

I have never meet a race of people so willing to help others like the Irish.

Uncle Joe Tara Leonard

Uncle Joe has a stutter A funny kind of sound: T -t -t - ta, t -t -t - ta R - r - r - ra, r - r - r - ra ....

Up Her Nose Ephraim Crud

Morwena's here! She's in our kitchen havin' her tresses transformed

When Audrey met HenryWes

Audrey was a spinster with a 'man hunt' on her mind. She'd set her eyes on Henry, just moved in the flat behind......

When Visiting The Family Chloe Arbetin

Remember all those basic manners your mother taught you when you were is the real version of what she means to say.

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