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Farm Life Poems

Farm Life Poems

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A Load Of Bull Patricia Markey

Down in Louisiana, there was a newly formed cattle spread, run by two lady ranchers, one was blonde and one was red. The redhead took their stake up north to Texas I hear tell.....

Ballad Of A Farmer's Wife Pam Harris nee Moore

In me previous life well I was the wife of a farmer from Fogartys Creek. I was the type who did everything right: I was passive and placid and meek. There was nothin' to learn where he was concerned - just act as if he was a king (and keep sayin' 'no' when he fumbled below 'til I had me that little gold ring)......

Big Red Bette Moss

Poulets $1.50 the ad in the newspaper said And cockerals too at the very same price black or white or red We'll take half a dozen of each we agreed...

Billy & Bob Heather Densley

A couple of townies purchased a farm - Thought they'd enjoy the peace and the calm. But if hobby farmers they wanted to be, They needed some animals for people to see....

Bullocks Harvey Dux

The things a farmer has to go through to make a living!.

Drizabone Graham Fredriksen

As my heart sings a country song, I brave the yearly August throng, with pioneering instincts strong to where the bushmen are; ...

I Hope Yer Sheep Get Flyblown Janine Haig Eulo Q.

So you're the mob got all the rain while we got hardly none; The clouds massed over your place and left us with the sun. Your bit of sky grew darker, while we just got the heat -

Karens Chooks Harvey Dux

Some backyard chooks are easy to miss, but not Karens.

Murphy's Jersey Bull Mr. A. Non

Murphy was a battler, forever trying to grub A living from a holding that was mainly stone and scrub, He had seven hungry children, so he greeted with dismay, The announcement from his missus that the eighth was on the way.

Murphy's Pig Pimms

Now Paddy and Murphy were two Irish men Who went to the market one day...

My First Time Michelle Wise

But slowly she spread her legs apart.....

My Gilded Filly Travis Brasell

There's always some real interesting twists and turns to ranch life, but here's one that that really takes the cake.

No News, Much......... Helen Pollock

Written originally as song lyrics, and gaining some nice comments and scores from the TSA awards 1999. Would like to have seen the judges faces on first reading!

Ode To A Missouri MuleFred Moore

Have you ever plowed with a mule, especially one that should have been an extra in " The Exorcist" .......well I have.....and I just barely lived to tell about it. A coutry boy's tale of barnyard horror!!!

Red the Ringer Glenn Borland

Pete and Anne, retired to the country, discover the wonders of rural life.

Redundant Graham Fredriksen

They stood at the gate: "Have you worked of late?" Said the farmer to the tramp. "Yeah ... had a good job ... uster pay ten bob ... But then I had t'decamp ...

The Barber From Hell (Ex Top Ten) Neil McArthur

When I walked into the Barber Shop, the Barber was a different gent I saw the sign on the wall which read "Under New Management"...

The Bush Romantic Mark Feldman

As I stick my sweaty arm up the vagina of a cow ... ... I think of your moist, warm lips ... and wish you were here now. The warm and friendly feeling of a cow turd on the ground ... ... Reminds me of your gentle warmth I feel all year 'round.

The City Farmer Garth Madsen

Now Nigel was a city boy From Fitzroy toe to hair. The pavement was his garden, The diesel fumes his air, ...

The Crackerjacks Leighton B Watts

Old Crackerjack Mick was a mighty bloke of hale and hearty kin And he sired nineteen cowboys, not a cowgirl there within...

The Gay Farm Hand (Ex Top Ten) Neil McArthur

I rang the C.E.S. and said, "Slap me up an ad I can't run this farm myself, I need some help real bad!

The Goating Bug Jennifer Haig

Me dad, he got the goating bug and his eyes - they all went weird, In place of brown were dollar signs and new plans were engineered;

The Inside Story Charlee Marshall

I was reading in a paper that was wrapped around the cheese How the miracles of medícine have become realities; How women wanting babies can obtain them by the dozen From the local doctorís cold-room... all conveniently frozen.....

The Kelpie (Ex Top Ten) Graham Fredriksen

Well I'm down among the stubble an' havin' bloody trouble 'coz these cattle from the scrub'll take some catchin'. First they double...

The Swagmen And The Sauce Graham Fredriksen

'Twas just on dark upon the edge of a quiet country town, two swagmen came a-tramping down the street; ....

The Wreck Of Big Red (Ex Top Ten) Graham Fredriksen

I have this four-wheel motor bike that we all call Big Red. For eight long years, he worked the land, but now Big Red is dead.

Way Out WestTopoke

I was only four when my paw was killed....


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