Historical Poems


Historical Poems

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Achilles: The Real Story Tad Lawson

(This) may be how Achilles died, All legendary crap aside.

A Knight to Remember Rob Spence

I was asked by word of mouth to write about a 'Night to Remember.' I came out with this..

Cleopatra Laurel Kirkwood

Some motherly advice from history for my daughter.

Mona Lisa Laurie Meintjes

The REAL reason for Mona Lisa's enigmatic smile.....

Mrs. Lovett Improves Her Pies (Ex Top Ten) Fred Curtis

Sweeney was a barber In Fleet Street near the Strand Cocksure was his nature And Cockney was his brand.....

Pharaoh Nuff Paul Bearer

Walk like an Egyptian! An education in ancient Egyptology!

Soothsayer Tad Lawson

There's not much profit now in saying sooth.

St. George And The Dragon Weston & Lee

Some folks'll boast about their family trees, And there's some trees they ought to lop; But our family tree, believe me, goes right back, You can see monkeys sitting on top! ...

The Battle Of Hastings Marriott Edgar

.I'll tell of the Battle of Hastings, As happened in days long gone by, When Duke William became King of England, And 'arold got shot in the eye. ...

The Holy Horse Augustus Venselaar

A bushranger was in need of a fast horse. Normally he would have stolen one of course. But this time he heard about a really fast thoroughbred. Which was owned by a minister of the church instead. ...

Viking Blood Larry Webster

It is greatly to my liking, To be a lusty Viking; Yes, that's the only life for me....


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