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A Lucky Young Man Albert Van Hoogmoed

He's lucky that she isn't telling...

A Midwife Crisis Albert Van Hoogmoed

I know of a fellow named Lee...

An Infatuated Man From Dover Anita V.

Limericks just pop up and off...

Ballerina Selina Wallis

About myself

Bubble Trouble Albert Van Hoogmoed

There once was a diver named Hank...

Changing The Flag Pat Cannard

I submitted this to a radio competition in response to a request for limericks about the flag.

Couch Potentato Gideon Werds

A round-Oh-LAY...girls will be GIRLS & MEN will be glad of it!

Dam Limerick Joe Pamanian

A young engineer who built dams....

Einstein's Revelation Endaphia

It's worth the few seconds to read it. :) Believe me.

Eruptile Dysfunction Albert Van Hoogmoed

There was a volcano near tears....

Essential Oils Baritone Bear

Parsley, Sage Rosemary and Thyme is not a Limerick!

Exchange Student (Ex Top Ten) Tad Lawson

He's forgotten his roots, he wears cowboy boots, and instead of "Salaam", he says, "Howdy!"

Family Tree Albert Van Hoogmoed

You may not like what you find when you research your ancestors.

Fashion Flashback Dwarvenkind

I think this one speaks for itself.

Great South African Limerick Jeremy Hele

This won the Great South African Limerick Competition. 'Voortrekkerhoogte' is pronounced 'Foo-rtrekker-hoo-kter

Grandmothers Comb Seana Laird

There once was a captain from Rome...

In Days of Old Lucy Blades

The problems of ye olde fighters...

Irreconcilable Differences Albert Van Hoogmoed

We're hearing that Eleanor White...

Limerick Cocktail Joe Pamanian

A variety of strange tales in limerick form.

Limerick Seed Dwarvenkind

This was one of my early attempts, when I returned to poetry earlier this year.

Limerick Stuffer Janelle Barker

There once was a poet named Dan...

Mars Lucy Blades

As physicists stare at the stars,.....

Maths Lucy Blades

A way to remember the rule?

Mind Over Matter Author Unknown

There was a faith-healer of Deal...

Miss Greedy Ulrike Thompson

Crime doesn't pay, but the lesson can be humorous.

Missing Oldnbold

There was a young lady from Spain.....

Oops!!! Albert Van Hoogmoed

There once was a young man from France....

Outlet Safety Pezman

Once a guy put his finger in a socket....

Pedro the Paranoid Pirhanna (Ex Top Ten) The Grin Reaper

I'm Pedro the paranoid pirhanna, and I don't think that I'll see manyana,'cos some o' me mates, want me on their plates -

Piste Off Joe Pamanian

No glow in the snow!No glow in the snow!

Silence is Golden Albert Van Hoogmoed

I once knew a man, Mr. Keller.....

Some Limerick Moments... Joe Pamanian

None of these people are real - honest!

Song Of The Seashore Author Unknown

A bivalve (an oyster to you)....

Stuck In The Groove Lucy Blades

Note: Elton John's real name = Reg Dwight

Ten Limericks About Blondes Graham Lester

Do you like limericks? Do you like blonde jokes? Do you like top ten lists? Here's all three rolled into one!

The Apartment Manager Albert Van Hoogmoed

The tenant in three-forty-four...

The Beef-Packer Author Unknown

A youthful beef-packer named Young...

The Flute Tutor Author Unknown

A tooter who tooted a flute tried to tutor two tooters to toot.

The Lady From France Kate Jelinek

Why you don't dance naked...

The Lady in Spain Pimms

I knew an old lady called Maude...

The Millionaire's Daughter Albert Van Hoogmoed

If a woman has enough money, a man can overlook a few faults.

The Nudist Albert Van Hoogmoed

Be careful where you go without your clothes.

The Poem Capricious Wes Vogler

I once entered a poem capricious ....

The Schmidts Lucy Blades

Last night I was guest at the Schmidts:....

The State of Poetry Dwarvenkind

Commentary on the state of poetry today, with tongue firmly planted in cheek.

The Swim Bufe

A man after drinking a potion Claimed he could swim cross the ocean...

The Teacher Stephen Gallagher

There is a teacher from Leeds...

The Truth About Dave Tad Lawson

Poets, don't mess with a Muse They're often very bad news.

There Was A Fat Lady From Spreyton Lisa Gerhard Plucknett

A lady that eats too much...

There Was A Young Lady From Dover Lisa Gerhard Plucknett

Her bloke said "It's cold,...

Tim Stuart Brewster

Tim, the insane inventor, Created a woman, but bent her.......

Undisturbed Rich Sagall

We were painting the church steeple gray, When the wind blew our brushes away.

Uncle Fred Lorraine Autry-Jacobs

I remember swell uncle Fred.....

Warlike Limericks Joe Pamanian

Perhaps there should be some things you don't joke about..

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