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Love/Romance Poems

Love/Romance Poems

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Anti-Climax Jim Gordon

The first snow storm to hit my area, leaving more than 7 inches of snow in my driveway inspired this one.

Appiness Arcadia Flynn

During a long distance phone call to a friend in South america, the subject of men, relationships and love arose. My friend said (in her thick accent) "Don't worry darlink...all you need is 'appiness" I think this is what she meant….

Are You Talking To Me?Pat Cannard

She took a deep breath as she paused in her stride, Her lips slowly parted, her eyes opened wide.

Datsun Awful NightTony Parry

Written around Valentines Day after reading one 'soppy' card too many!!!

Dinner At Sweetie's (Ex Top Ten) Arcadia Flynn

I had dinner with my sweetie At his home the other night I knew he’d make a special treat At least I hoped he might...

Fate's Cruel Blow Buttercup

Searching for my long lost love I'd inch across the plate...

He's One Of A Kind Stephanie Moran

He never leaves the seat up. I trained him well you know. He likes to think he's got me trained, And I let him think that's so. ...

Lady LoveJoe Pamanian

Mount carefully to avoid damage.

Le banker heureuse (The happy banker) Roger Wooller

I'm happy just because I'm going banking, I'm putting all my money in "la bonk". I was feeling sad and very slightly wonky because my only option was to wonk.

Love Came CautiouslyS. Sorrensen

like, at first, I tried not to notice her she was lovely, lovable, loved everybody loved her I didn't want to notice her ....

Love Doesn't Make You FatJoel Bjorling

People are searching for new diet and exercise programs, but love is a natural.

Love PoemStephen Cree

I love you like a cold pint on a red hot summer day...

Mary, Mary Joe Pamanian

Mary, Mary, quite contrary, Laughing through the greenwood races,.....

Morwena Dream Ephraim Crud

I were hand in hand upon the golden sand of a tropical island beach with Morwena Hogg......

My Little Coconut E.G. Harne

A sort of companion piece to "Seltzer Sue" A poem about love and loss -- in a grave yard..

My Phallic Lover Arcadia Flynn

You're the train inside my tunnel You're the finger in my glove You're the gear stick in my gearbox My god this must be love….

Ode To A Beaut Sheila Noel Free

The Aussie male as a romantic? You be the judge.

Of Course I Love You (Ex Top Ten) Janine Haig

How can you doubt that I love you? Didn't I marry you, eh? And though I don't say it too often, I show it in all sorts of ways.....

Old Tom's Daughters Roger Wooller

Old Tom had five hardworking girls. He kept them on the run. Molly mustered Tilly tallied...

Only You!Arcadia Flynn

You turn me on, you handsome hunk With your sunken, hairless chest In your skinny white arms I feel safe from all harm Oh yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! ...

Rita Joe Pamanian

When I fell in love with Rita, Life, I thought, could not be sweeter, .....

She Caught Me in Her Knicker Drawer Andrew Mee

This poem is a short tale of a teenage guy who gets caught in a girl's knicker drawer at a party, and his explanation as to why he is there.

Seltzer Sue E.G. Harne

A poem about love and loss in a bowling alley.

Shoot The Breeze S. Sorrensen

It sorta just came out - I really shouldn't have sex with my mouth open. Despite my caution - I mean, after infatuation, what then?

Snow White's SecretMildred Achoch

Everyone has secrets. Even a beautiful fairy tale character? ;-)

Stumped? Paul Bearer

When lovers really do see face to face!

The Bush Romantic Mark Feldman

As I stick my sweaty arm up the vagina of a cow ... ... I think of your moist, warm lips ... and wish you were here now. The warm and friendly feeling of a cow turd on the ground ... ... Reminds me of your gentle warmth I feel all year 'round.

The Dancing Dentures Suzanne Kelman

Every divorced woman's worst nightmare....

The Lovers Jennifer Haig

The sun went down and above the town The sky became deep blue; A meeting made, above the glade Between these special two. ...

We're Through (Ex Top Ten) Tess Rowley

Mel Gibson and I are through, well just what's a girl to do It's always been a one sided kind of affair while I've admired his strong, tanned arms He's never once noticed MY charms I'm still single- when we could have been a pair....

Wet And Wild (Ex Top Ten) Gay Liddington

Mountin'women like mountin' men!

When Audrey met HenryWes

Audrey was a spinster with a 'man hunt' on her mind. She'd set her eyes on Henry, just moved in the flat behind......

Why I Pity The Preternaturally PrettyPeter Traynor

Wry comments from a man still struggling to come to terms with his lack of charisma.

Will you still love me... Elizabeth Lindberg

Is this poem about a car or a person? You decide.

Young Men Robyn Scott

Young Men are delicious, Healthy, virile and strong, With smooth skin, a firm fleshy arse, And hair growing where it belongs. Somewhere between adolescence and a mid-life crisis,..

You're In My PrayersShapechanger

My wife use to moan all the time, "You never write me any poetry" so I wrote this and she's never asked again.

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