Marriage Poems

Marriage Poems

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Ballad Of A Farmer's Wife Pam Harris nee Moore

In me previous life well I was the wife of a farmer from Fogartys Creek. I was the type who did everything right: I was passive and placid and meek. There was nothin' to learn where he was concerned - just act as if he was a king (and keep sayin' 'no' when he fumbled below 'til I had me that little gold ring)......

Fifty Something (Ex Top Ten) Shirley Friend

"Do you know...what day it is?” “Nope”...said my beau. “What's today?” “Well! If you can't remember”, I cried “I'm not gonna say. Well aren't you gonna ask me?” I insisted with a few tears. “Alright”, he said...”you're fifty today... and you have been for three or four years”.

Happy Anniversary Fiona Ring

On this your anniversary go out and celebrate think back to years ago when it was your first date

He's One Of A Kind Stephanie Moran

He never leaves the seat up. I trained him well you know. He likes to think he's got me trained, And I let him think that's so. ...

In The Garden Tad Lawson

"Who was she?" Eve demanded, But Adam laughed.

I Wanded Him! James Hacsi

As good as it sometimes can get!

Love Dress Vivienne Ledlie

The early days of wedded bliss held passion wild, untamed...

Love Poem Stephen Cree

I love you like a cold pint on a red hot summer day...

Mulligan's Missus (Ex Top Ten) Neil McArthur

Mulligan's missus was big, fat and mean A cruel and ugly man-killing machine She's the type of woman you'd be looking for If you wanted mercenaries for a guerilla war

My Husband Sue Taylor

He leaves the cap off the toothpaste; He never makes the bed; He drops his undies on the floor; And spends far too much time in his shed....

Of Course I Love You (Ex Top Ten) Janine Haig

How can you doubt that I love you? Didn't I marry you, eh? And though I don't say it too often, I show it in all sorts of ways.....

Self Defence Janine Haig

She was being tried for murder "It was self defence", she claimed, "Circumstances happened And I really can't be blamed". The jury listened closely: .....

Sleeping Beauty Barbara Warnock

The TV wouldn't bloody work, I thought that I would die, when hubby piped up come to bed, with a twinkle in his eye. ...

Showerdance: The Poem Rob Swales

I never show my dancing skills in public It's not that I can't dance you know, I prefer to reserve my artistic talent For the right place to let it show.....

The Challenge Raymon Essery

My life is in crisis - My story I tell... My days are a nightmare - my wife's are as well! My hormones are upset. I'm bored and I'm tired - My world's upside down ever since I retired!

The Function! Amin Sane

The demon alcohol can strike at any time, even when we'd rather it didn't.

The Good Sport Fred Curtis

A shame it was about old Bert, they said, A drinking man, a sport, a thoroughbred; He' d never meant ill to beast nor mankind And seldom would utter a word unkind....

The New Dress Ron Selby

A lady walked into the room to show hubby her new dress, She was a rather large lady - around forty two in the chest. The dress was cut really low - showed off her feminine shape, .....

To Do With Flu Fred Moore

What's it like to go home sick, and try to rest, and your wife's TODO List is calllliinng yyyyyoooouuuuuuuuuu .......

Vanilla Sunday Charlee Marshal

The day old Job Martin died Was cold beyond belief The grey gums on the mountainside Were stricken dumb with grief The she-oaks by the swamps again....

When Your Numbers Are Up Brian Bell

The long years took their toll on Jim until the joyful day that all his workmates cornered him and one was heard to say "Our syndicate's won lotto, mate....

Who's In Control Angela Convery

Each evening we settle to watch the TV, to see all the 'soaps' would be heaven for me. I guess all the cliffhangers and love every one, but in the middle of 'Corrie' I see BBC1 ! ...

Words From Husband To Wife Lance Gordon

Wonderful thoughts take a drastic turn.

You Men David G Robbins

.....poor old married blokes.....


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