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Money Poems

Money Poems

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  Car Repairs Ray Thigpen

We spend our money on new cars, Hoping for a break....

  Devote Your Life to Money! David Kessel

See what money can do for you...

Le banker heureuse (The happy banker) Roger Wooller

I'm happy just because I'm going banking, I'm putting all my money in "la bonk". I was feeling sad and very slightly wonky because my only option was to wonk.

  Our Romantic Old English Money Steve Brand

Did you ever understand Pounds, Shillings and Pence.

  Owed to A Nightingale Tom Gaunt

Keats was always strapped for cash.

Skasey Of the Overdraft (Ex Top Ten) Author Unknown

They had issued him a warrant which they had in light of current Knowledge, sent to where he's holed up in Majorca on his arse, He was fleeing from a debt, about the size of the alphabet So Vanstone got in touch with 'Skasey, of The Overdraft'...

Stealth Tax Time Topoke

It doesn't matter who you vote in, they will ALL still take your money.


Share trading is an art - or maybe a science - or is it the result of some mystical power?

Thanks a Million Larry Webster

Her beauty took his breath away, Such outstanding charm and grace ....

The Impossible Takes a Little Longer Tad Lawson

I know my well-known erudition May explain why you gave me this mission...

We Loved The World Together Gordon Taylor

A love affair of epic proportions. Its great when you meet at first, then after the money's gone. You have to pay the price.

Who Wants to be a Millionaire? Rebecca Stone

Six little numbers, that's all it would take. Oh what a difference those six numbers would make

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