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Nursery Rhymes &
Fictional Characters

Nursery Rhymes & Fictional Characters

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A Grand Prix Fairy Tale Neil O'Hara-Smith

Odd goings on in the pit lane...

A Salty Dilemma Gideon Werds

You can't blame all of Mary's problems on an 'innocent' little lamb.

Big MaryBill Dodds

Mary had a little lamb, a little toast, a little jam,...

Cinderella, The Real Story!David Clements

'It will not fit!" Prince Charming yelled, "your stinking foot's too wide,.....

Fairy Tale Reality Check Jennifer Camilleri

Ever wonder what would happen if a modern girl got mixed up in a book of fairy tales?

Farmer's Wife Behind Bars Pamela L. Dow

A horrific crime has rocked the characters of Mother Goose Land.

Mary's Garden Party David Clements

Little Jack Horner, sat in the corner eating his Christmas pie, He put in his thumb and pulled out a plum .....

Snow White's SecretMildred Achoch

Everyone has secrets. Even a beautiful fairy tale character? ;-)

The Lamb Scam Thornton Bauer

Read carefully the instructions below to escape an INCOME TAX AUDIT blow!

The Legend Of The Tooth Fairy Elizabeth Lindberg

Have you ever wondered how a legend got started?

Where the Runner's Been David Clements

Georgy Porgy pudding and pie, kissed the girls and made them cry. ...

Why Alice Threw The Looking Glass Thornton Bauer

So you see Alice's split was a whole like no other you'll ever see again in this whole lifetime!!


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