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Parenting Poems

Parenting Poems

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Always Remember Topoke

These are just some of the things your mum told you when you were little.

A Parent's Prayer Author Unknown

Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray my sanity to keep. For if some peace I do not find, I'm pretty sure I'll lose my mind. ...

Extremely Bad Advice for Parents Lynette McCauley

Take this advice at your peril!!

Facts of Life 2 Keith Allibone

There comes that time in every child's life to ask the question.

Help Harmon Rose

Screaming, struggling, to the point of tears, he continued the drama, as though for years,

Old Tom's DaughtersRoger Wooller

Old Tom had five hardworking girls. He kept them on the run. Molly mustered Tilly tallied...

On Being "Behind" In One's Reading Author Unknown

Junior bit the meter man. Junior kicked the cook Junior's antisocial now (According to the book)

Please Mum? Barbara Warnock

Can you buy me a doll mum can you buy me a dress, can you buy me some paints mum so I can make a mess! ...

Ringo Blues Graham Fredriksen

He's bought himself a set of drums - Seems that's the latest fad For them with teenage craniums Just to annoy their Dad....

Sliiiiime Ian Sexton

It oozes up between your toes, then dribbles slowly down your nose - squishing, squelching through your hair, This ghastly goo is everywhere!

Swiss-Army Mother Denise Hobbs

For those of you gentlemen out there that are single, snowed under with those annoying little things to do that are low on the list of importance...well toil not..The company that brought you the camping tool legend now offers you......

Take Us To Mcdonalds Gerald Bosacker

If mothers needs a recipe book ......

The Long Way HomeMargaret Glendenning

'Hello, Puss! Hey!, Sweetie Puss is getting rather fat!' Dad promptly switched attention from the T.V. to the cat, Sweetie Puss purred smugly, her gently rounded tum Proclaimed to all and sundry she was soon to be a Mum,

The Parent Hideous Monster

You cared for me when I was young with tender love and care. You gave me food and shelter, and some clothes for me to wear...

The Terrible Teens Sasha Bailey

Remember what It's like to be a teenager? As you move on to the age of parenting here is a little personal reminder for you to remember exactly what it is like!

The Tofu Kid Arcadia Flynn

Rainbow, please eat your tofu and remember to chew it through then you can have a special treat a carob coated date to eat…

The Wreck Of Big Red Graham Fredriksen

I have this four-wheel motor bike that we all call Big Red. For eight long years, he worked the land, but now Big Red is dead.

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