Parody Poems

Parody Poems

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Abort, Retry, Ignore Lucy Blades

Written after a period of coursework-cramming at the end of my gcse years on the computer. Needless to say, I ended up writing it out longhand.

American Pie Lucy Blades

A long, long time ago, I can still remember How that "WELCOME" used to make me smile...

A School Day Penman

Once upon a schoolday rotten Came some bullies and they were plot'n To mop my head across the bathroom floor

A Seedy Love Story Arcadia Flynn

I'm going to tell you a story That's neither gruesome nor gory About a boy in the farmland He was but a simple farmhand He gazed into the sky blue above And dreamed of meeting his true love

Deliah Topoke

I saw the light on the night that I passed by her window I saw her standing there alone dressed up in her smalls.....

Fill My Cups Lord Paula Pooo

This is a little testimony from a sweet southern baptist teenage girl (me not so long ago.....).

  Let It Ring David Peetz

Ring ring. "Hello, Peter?" "Yes." "It's Al Qaeda here." "Give up now! All hope is lost! We've even destroyed your communications!" "Ha! No chance!...I've got your phonecard!"

Marge on a Midnight Raid Mary Sullivan

With apologies to Alfred Lord Tennyson: Half a loaf, half a loaf, / Half a loaf onward. / All in the belly at once, / Toasted and buttered.

My Heart's Abhorrence! Tad Lawson

When, in disgrace with Fortune and man's eye I all alone beweep my outcast state, Some S O B among the passers by Is sure to say that HE is doing great!....

My Thighs Juliana Taliaferro

This poem is a parody of the wonderfully inspirational poem by Maya Angelou, "Still I Rise". No disrespect to the original poem or poet is intended. My mind just works in strange ways does my body!

Ode to A Turkey Duane Dodson

An homage to Keats' "Ode to a Nightingale," this parody will whet your appetite for Thanksgiving fare...

Ode to an Historian Wil Elgey

This poem is about Tony Kitchener (retired bikee and former resident of Bellthorpe), and his quest to write a history of that fabled district.

Old MACdonald Did Some Harm The Wedding Wordsmith

An innocuous thought to take away... (with apologies to Dorothea MACkellar)

O Teacher! My Teacher! Gunjan

I wrote this little parody for Teacher's Day (Sept 5th). With due respect to Walt Whitman.

Poe Puree Marcus Bales

Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary, Over user guides and handbooks piled up on the desk and floor --

Santa Claus Was Coming To Oz David Peetz

A sleigh-load of foreigners, obviously seeking asylum in Australia, was turned back from entering Australian waters by the navy, Immigration Minister Mr Phillip Ruddock announced today.

Sorry, Different Island Tad Lawson

Sing it on St. Patrick's your own risk.

Subversary Rhymes MasterRevelation

Just some parodies of Nursery rhymes for the church!

The Charge of the Write Brigade David Peetz

Memos to right of her, Files all to left of her, PQs in front of her Volleyed and thundered. Alfred Lord Tennyson would roll in his grave.

The Inattentive Troy

Written in the days when businesses had computers but not individuals (ie1991). I was very cross with my bank - but never sent them the poem - they didn't deserve it.

The Man Not Taken akaPEACHES

With due respect to Robert Frost, I wrote this parody to extentuate consequences in the choices we makem

The Sound of Royal Music Gordon Costello

Rodgers & Hammerstein go monarchist!

The Teacher (Parody of the Raven by E.A. Poe) Adam Kerby

I did this in gr. 9 for a Poetry Anthology and I wanted a challenging poem to parody, so I went to some classic Poe.

The Wench's Tale Scott Emmons

Few people know that Chaucer wrote about phone sex!

Too Many Coy Mistresses Bob Johnston

If you haven't already read it, go back to the original, Marvell's "To His Coy Mistress" -- a far better poem than this one. On the other hand, he only had one mistress to deal with.

Wait, There's More! Scott Emmons

The Telemarketer from Hell

Wondrous Things Author Unknown

There are recent rumors that Julie Andrews did a Senior Citizens concert. Ms. Andrews sang a song from the Sound of Music, 'Favorite Things'. There were a few changes to the words, so here's the new song.


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