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Anthem of Frustration Evan Elpus

You've rung the Melbourne offices of No-One's Ever Here; Please leave your name and number and then kindly disappear.

Energy SolutionPaul Buchheit

In his quest for an energy bill Mr. Bush went to Capitol Hill.

ImpotentateTony Lupton

This expresses my frustration at a profound shift in society which can be seen in politics, work, the media and relationships. It is making a lot of people less happy, and I'm too stroppy not to whinge about it!

ISBill Allen

President Bill Clinton was a better student of the OED than anyone gave him credit for. Here's why.

  Let It RingDavid Peetz

Ring ring. "Hello, Peter?" "Yes." "It's Al Qaeda here." "Give up now! All hope is lost! We've even destroyed your communications!" "Ha! No chance!...I've got your phonecard!"

Love: Sunny Side Up Faline


Mr Bush to JohannesburgPaul Buchheit

I don't think pollution affects us, So drive your Mercedes or Lexus!

  Oh, Amanda!David Peetz

"You only die once," she said. Plus 10% for GST.

Pauline HansonIan Pollock

She's back, she's back! Pauline is back! Oh Pauline, are you really there?......

Peace or PiecesIan Mackay

George Bush on the telephone. This poem was written as fantasy but it looks like coming true.

Stealth Tax Time Topoke

It doesn't matter who you vote in, they will ALL still take your money.

The Battle Of HastingsMarriott Edgar

.I'll tell of the Battle of Hastings, As happened in days long gone by, When Duke William became King of England, And 'arold got shot in the eye. ...

The Bold TypeVernon Waring

This unsung hero of the free press keeps editors and public servants on their "toes" with his bold opinions...

The Flatulence Tax John O'Neill

A flatulence tax on cattle and sheep, Another rip-off to make us all weep. Preserving the ozone at any expense, It's all propaganda that doesn't make sense.

The Golden State Debate Jon McColgan

Arnold plays his most important role ever as he takes over the job of senator. What's next for the state of California?

The Long Way HomeMargaret Glendenning

'Hello, Puss! Hey!, Sweetie Puss is getting rather fat!' Dad promptly switched attention from the T.V. to the cat, Sweetie Puss purred smugly, her gently rounded tum Proclaimed to all and sundry she was soon to be a Mum,

The Postman Knocks Twice, Three Times, Four Times....... Helen Ramoutsaki

Queenslanders don't just do it once, they do it twice, three times, four times ... especially when the electoral roll is full of people who don't really live at their address.

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