Religious/Spiritual Poems

If you are easily offended by the thoughts and opinions of others regarding your particular
religious or spiritual belief.


Religious/Spiritual Poems

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A 'Loose Offer' (Lucifer....get it?) Fred Moore

Everyone's been tempted by sin, but how about up close and personal????

An Axe and Two Thirty Eights Robert Atkerson

This poem was written with weapons for our Lord in mind. It also won a poet of the year award.

And God Created Woman….. Patricia Markey

In the garden of Eden walked Adam, alone and a trifle forlorn. For he hadn't a miss or a madam, and he whimpered every morn....

A Parent's Prayer Author Unknown

Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray my sanity to keep. For if some peace I do not find, I'm pretty sure I'll lose my mind. ...

But Grampa, You Just Said "Two" Tad Lawson

Sex education can't start too young.

Cold Hard Facts Charlee Marshal

“Move closer to the wall, my son, and speak into the grille Confession is the saviour of the soul If there’s something on your conscience, if you’re feeling weak or ill Confess... and ye shall once again be whole!...

David and Goliath Albert Van Hoogmoed

'The Way It Really Happened

Dunroming Joe Pamanian

...a few words from His Grace.

Fire & Brimstone Toga

I was attending the funeral of an old friend, and the vicar was one of the 'old school' His sermon was about the punishment of sinners. The skies got darker, the rain came down then the thunder started to roll.......

General Dwight Eisenhower Enters Heaven Tad Lawson

A tall, imposing figure of a man With shades and corncob pipe and suit of military tan.

Go Forth and Multiply Wally (The Bear) Finch

Well the rains did come and the rains did go 'Twas recorded in the bible you know. This was much more than a passing shower That made old Noah Man of the Hour.

  God and Adam Mike Wilson

The real story of the Garden of Eden.

  God Fell Out My Cornflakes Box Eddie McMillan

A poem to wake Jesus.

Graffiti Ian Mackay

I found these words of wisdom, Inscribed on a dunny wall; Put there with a firmish hand... "God made MAN first of all." . ..

How Paddy Stole The Rope Author Unknown

There was once two Irish labouring men; to England they came over; They tramped about in search of work from Liverpool to Dover.

Hypochondriac's Grace (Ex Top Ten) Fred Moore

How does a health obsessed person say grace at the table? Considering all the new fangled microbes invading our world....try this....

If Jesus Could See Me Now MasterRevelation

The thoughts of a long term church attender!

In The Garden Tad Lawson

"Who was she?" Eve demanded, But Adam laughed.

Jesus The Healer Brian Bell

The Lord looked down upon the world and saw things weren't too good. His word had been forgotten or at best misunderstood. ...

Just a Theory Matt Haught

Just a different look at the origin of man ...

Loose Ends in Creation Tad Lawson

What O'Clock Was It In Chaos?

New Arrival (Ex Top Ten) Brian Bell

The Pope was standing by St. Peter's gate with no-one there to welcome him, it seems, from five AM till almost half past eight, which didn't reinforce his lifelong dreams....

OH Yes, I Swear Leighton B Watts

On the endless ochre plain under bursting slaty skies A bushman hefted up his swag, to heaven when his cries.....

Rocky Don Johnson

Tis occured to me after a visit by some religious types :)

Subversary Rhymes MasterRevelation

Just some parodies of Nursery rhymes for the church!

Tending The Flock (Ex Top Ten) Travis Brasell

Last Sunday our pastor, the Right Rev'rend Wickham, Said, "As for guest speakers, I know how to pick 'em! The ladies, most surely, will come in vast numbers; Don't worry, however, I know where to stick 'em."

The Beer Prayer Author Unknown

Our lager, Which art in barrels, Hallowed be thy drink.

The College Ball (Ex Top Ten) Noel Stallard

Each year our schools combined to have, the Catholic College Ball, It was agreed it would be held, at St. Joey's Parish Hall. For weeks before the boys had asked, the girls could they befriend, And every night from six till eight, dance practice they'd attend....

The God Poem Martin Pearson

I've got this kind of feeling. I've often thought it odd That no-one ever questions The morality of god. ...

The Impossible Takes a Little Longer Tad Lawson

I know my well-known erudition May explain why you gave me this mission...

The Pontiff’s Eyes (Ex Top Ten) Charlee Marshal

I was in the barber’s shop one day (there’s only one back home) And I mentioned as he shore me that I planned a trip to Rome And foolishly I mentioned then that all good catholics hope To venture to the Vatican and get to meet the Pope....

The Sunday Mass-Acre Mark Feldman

I was asked to write a poem to mark the 70th anniversary of the Catholic Church in my old home town of Woodford. I decided that I would approach it in a different manner than using purely historical facts. After all, the truth can get in the way of a darn good story. After thinking back over some of the many incidents which have occurred over the years in this friendly little country parish, I ad-libbed a bit, chucked in a small dose of poetic license, and produced "The Sunday Mass-acre," which was published in the celebratory book of the church's anniversary. So far, I haven't been excommunicated. So far...

Undisturbed Rich Sagall

We were painting the church steeple gray, When the wind blew our brushes away.

Ups and Downs Paul Bearer

In church, no-one can hear you scream!

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