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Travel Poems


Travel Poems

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Africa Arcadia Flynn

My sweetie's going to Africa He leaves on Friday night I've told him…have a real good time As he prepares for flight I'll be alright! ....

Ansett BluesDavid Peetz

The day is born, the sun is ris, I wonder if my flight home is.

A Scotsman's View of L.U. Gordon Taylor

London Undergound, famous for its overcrowding, its delays and its breakdowns. As a Scot living and working in the English capital, to me it's one of the things that most make me yearn for the clean skies of home.

Aylwin's ParrotJoe Pamanian

This is from an unpublished collection entitled "Unusual Birds of Many Lands" or something like that...

Danger in the Wet Mr. A. Non

Some people in North Queensland (Australia) love having tourists visit them so much, that they tell them this tale...

Eight Thousand Metres UpDavid Peetz

What do men and women REALLY do in the 'mile high club'?

Just Plane Dead Gordon Taylor

Waiting on a plane, as it taxis for take-off, have you ever considered the air-hostess isn't telling you the whole truth?

Late Again? Adam Millar

Good clean humour. Sure to give you a great laugh and no doubt with bring a smile.

My Very First FlightRebecca Stone

This old plane may be rusty and look quite podgy but she soars like a bird, its the landing that's dodgy

My Will I Write Before The FlightWally J. Kenworthy & Mark Feldman

I have a fear of flying, Or anything to do with flight; Because of my anticipation, My will I sit down to write.

Postcard from Yarmouth Ephraim Crud

Saturday, our arrival, hissed with rain. Sunday didn't do likewise again,........

Road Sage Evan Elpus

As hanging out wet clothing Brings rain from sunny sky; As focusing your loathing Means headaches, by and by;…

Scotland (Ex Top Ten) Arcadia Flynn

I want to go to Scotland I want to find a man with hairy legs and chest and face no blond, blue eyes and tan with muscles on his muscles a strapping kind of lad with kilt and great big sporran that would make me glad! ....

Sunday DriveBecca

This is for all the SLOW granny drivers!

The AlbatriceJoe Pamanian

...from the collection (unpublished) entitled "Unusual Birds of Many Lands."

The Camp Fire Stringybark

Ah! remember the good old family camping trips!

The Dead Skunk Leighton B Watts

Did I ever tell you the story of the dead skunk on the road? He was lying there on his left side, his mortal coil had shucked its load ....

The Long Way HomeMargaret Glendenning

'Hello, Puss! Hey!, Sweetie Puss is getting rather fat!' Dad promptly switched attention from the T.V. to the cat, Sweetie Puss purred smugly, her gently rounded tum Proclaimed to all and sundry she was soon to be a Mum,

The Murray Riverboat RagJohn McCormack & Edith Logan

This ditty, is dedicated to the houseboat, on the Murray river, South Australia.

The SquidgeJoe Pamanian

...from the collected works "Unusual Birds of Many Lands".

The Trip Up NorthJohn McCormack & Edith Logan

Driving for days, heading for Alice Springs.

The Truth About Drink Driving (Ex Top Ten) Ian Mackay

I read this in the paper, And it really made me think; That a quarter of all road accidents Can be blamed... directly... on drink. ...

Voices In My Head (Ex Top Ten) Murray Hartin

On a bus bound for Toowoomba I was tryin’ to have a sleep I was nicely into dreamland after countin’ forty sheep But my dreams soon turned to nightmares,...

Welcome to Roswell Jack Smith

I wonder if aliens ever take vacations or holidays?

Whale Of A Tale Nadia Simpson

Bobbing along in my boat on the bay, Enjoying a beautiful, nautical day, When just about to hoist the sail, I came face to face with a very large whale....

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