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Weight/Loss/Gain Poems

Weight/Loss/Gain Poems

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Battle Of The Bulge Barbara Warnock

I'll start a new one Monday", we've heard it all before, but if I don't really start one soon I won't make it through the door. I start with good intentions of that I can't deny, I'm getting fatter by the hour, I'll really have to try.

  DIETS Allison Pitman

Tired of those wonderful crash diets??! The true facts of dieting !

EXERCISE! Dusty Tincher

A rhyming spoof about what the dreaded 'E' word did NOT do for yours truly! LOL!

  Fairy Failure Robyn Scott

Oh phooey!... I'm a failure as a Fairy, I need to go to a Fairy Fat Farm, Or maybe to "June Dally Watkin's", To revitalise my faulty Fairy charms. ...

  Food For Thought Barbara Hetlyn

Why we women feel the need to diet for men!

Health Hazard? Heather Beale

We read of the dangers to our health from BAD eating habits and THEN they publish the most dreamy recipes that we just CANNOT deny ourselves.

I Remember Gender Tad Lawson

Since retiring, I'm often annoyed By dilettante students of Freud...

Marge on a Midnight Raid Mary Sullivan

With apologies to Alfred Lord Tennyson: Half a loaf, half a loaf, / Half a loaf onward. / All in the belly at once, / Toasted and buttered.

Mirror Mirror Jaimee Jones

Feel fat ? It's not you!

Ode To The After Baby Dieter Donna Lynn Henzel

A lighthearted, encouraging poem including sprinkles of humor for mothers who are working to rid themselves of the weight that likes to linger after having a baby! Bound to put a spring in your step and a boost toward your determination!

The Losing Game Tess Rowley

I've got to lose a kilogram Me buttonholes are stretching And when I bend down in me shorts Me rear end aint so fetching ...

This Time.......... Angela Convery

Another diet we're about to endure, but this time we'll do it, of that we are sure!

Twas The Month After Christmas Author Unknown

Twas the month after Christmas and all through the house Nothing would fit me, not even a blouse.

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