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My wife is 9 years younger than me and consequently doesn't remember the old currency of pounds, shillings and pence.When we see old films on the tele and somebody mentions 'half a crown'or nineteen shillings and sixpence I have to explain it to her. So I wrote her this poem.

Our Romantic Old English Money

It was in 1971, February I think,
That pounds, shillings and pence took a bow,
No more tanners, half crowns or ten bob notes,
'Coz we've all gone decimal now.

First we'll take the tanner, small and silver,
That's six old pence as you shall see,
Two tanners make a bob or a shilling,
Well it's all very simple to me.

Twelve old pennies make a shilling, twenty four make two bob,
Five tanners make half a crown,
Thats two and six or two shillings and six pennies,
I'm sorry is this getting you down?

Two half crowns make a crown, thats five shillings,
Or two florins and two tanners to be sound,
Four half crowns or two crowns make ten bob,
And two hundred and forty pennies make a pound.

So eight half crowns or four crowns make a nicker,
So do two ten bob notes, it's so easy,
Also eighty thre'penny bits, or twenty shillings,
And then of course there's the guinea.

That's twenty one shillings or a nicker and a bob,
Still used today for buying a horse,
There's also the farthing and the ha'penny,
And we mustn't forget those of course.

So that's the romantic old english money,
You might say it's as daft as a bat,
But now one pound is one hundred pennies,
Well where is the romance in that.

Copyright; Steve Brand
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