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Springtime in Perth is a wonderful time - warm weather, world-class wildflowers, everything bursting into life - a joy for everyone. Well, ALMOST everyone.

Spring Has Sprung

In the Northern hemisphere
They have snow this time of year
But here in Perth we have the jacaranda
It's lilac flowers abound
And settle on the ground
Messing up my freshly swept veranda

I must have been a fool
To put my swimming pool
Beneath a lovely spreading bougainvillea
I'd love to take an axe
And give it several whacks
But it's resilience would make me just look sillier

That gorgeous flowering gum
Testament to my green thumb
Resplendent in its springtime blossoms golden
Is home to pretty doves
In the branches far above
Who crap upon my newly polished Holden

Yes, the flowers are in bloom
But it only brings me gloom
In springtime I'm the most pathetic failure
For the pollen makes me sneeze
I'm allergic to the bees
And I really hate the spring in West Australia.

Copyright; Doug Miles
Email: [email protected]



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