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The Godfather

An Italian family that lives near me
had a welcome addition to their family
And for miles around with vino and grins
happy folk celebrated the birth of twins.

So proudly their father named Anthony -
well he was Italian, what else could it be?
Gave serious thought to who he would rather
honour his family by being Godfather.

Though he'd lived in Australia all of his days
still he respected the old country's ways.
Standing beside his new babies asleep,
he thought of the custom he wanted to keep.

The honour in store could go to no other,
The choice of tradition was Bruno, his brother.
Bruno, of course, he had Italian blood too,
with pride in his heart knew the things he must do.

He gathered the forms; saw all was in order;
to register the births just like he oughta
And he felt like a king around ten feet tall
as he fronted the man at the local town hall.

He said he was there to register the twins
"And now I'm an uncle," he said between grins.
The man at the counter, a typical Norm,
said, "Well let's see what you've done with these forms ...."

He looked at the forms and said, "Don't play games!
Do this thing properly! You've left out their names.
I'll fill it in then you can leave me in peace.
What do you call the girl?" Bruno said, "Denise!"

As Norm looked up you might think he approved.
There's even a remote chance he was moved.
He said, "Did the boy get called something too?"
Bruno replied, "Of course! He's da nephew!"

Copyright; Wally (The Bear) Finch



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