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The Super Computer

In a big coastal city they built a huge computer.
The man in charge of the department, a straight shooter.
Invited the lord mayor and some others too.
For a grand viewing, to show what it could do.

On this computer is everything known about everyone.
Everything in this city, they have ever said and done.
The smallest or the largest bit of information.
Can be obtained from this computer station.

One person, loud, obnoxious, florid faced, a millionaire.
said "I was born in this town, I'm nothing ordinaire.
Can this machine tell me where my father is today?"
"With the right question I'll have an answer without delay."

"Okay, ask it if it knows where my father is."
The CP printout said, "On Wivenhoe dam catching fish."
"Aha, my father has been dead for more than a year.
Your computer has completely fouled up I fear.

What that is impossible! I'll ask it in a different way.
The man your mother married is buried under the clay.
But your father my good man, you must listen.
Is with his mates at Wivenhoe dam fishing.

Copyright; Augustus J Venselaar
Slade Point 30/08/2000



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