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I'm not sure if people in other countries are familiar with Roswell, New Mexico - the UFO capital of the U.S. I've actually never been there either, but I'm sure it's a nice place. Apologies to the good folks who probably live there.

Welcome to Roswell

Welcome to Roswell, an interesting town,
where reports of encounters and sightings abound,

A place that currently seems to be hot,
as an inter-galactic vacation spot.

Now, the people of Roswell, they needn't be feared,
but there are a few locals who seem pretty weird.

Take the barkeep at a nearby saloon
a little green fellow who came here last June,

With an obvious talent for his chosen career,
he can pour out two whiskeys, a gin and a beer,

All at the same time - see the guy has four arms,
but his regular customers aren't too alarmed.

If anyone asks them, they'll usually reply,
"Yeah, he looks kinda strange, but we sure like the guy."

And for all of the patrons who cry in their beers,
he's a very good listener - he's got seven ears.

And then there's ol' Jed, he's quite a sensation.
He's the mechanic at the local gas station.

Now, the good folks of Roswell, they always look twice,
when they see ol' Jed's anti-gravity device,

Mounted on top of his '64 Dodge,
that's parked out in front of Delaney's Garage.

He found it way out in the desert he claims,
and since then, ol' Jed, well, he ain't been the same.

Oh, he's still a nice guy, but some folks are nervous,
'cause he's talking about starting his own taxi service,

That'll never get stuck in the traffic downtown.
See, he drives about fifty feet off of the ground.

But the mayor is probably the strangest of all,
he talks with a sneer and a deep southern drawl.

I get the strange feeling I've seen him before,
though it's probably been twenty-some years, maybe more.

He's got mutton chop sideburns, his hair is coal black,
wears a white leather jump suit with jewels on the back.

His hips always shake during speeches and such,
but he's always quite gracious - he says "Thankya vera much"

I wish you could see him. I'd be very willing,
to point him out, but I can't 'cause he's just left the building.

So all of you travellers, as you go on your way,
please stop back in Roswell if you come by this way.

Copyright; Jack Smith
Email: [email protected]



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