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A love affair of epic proportions. Its great when you meet at first, then after the money's gone. You have to pay the price.

We Loved The World Together

We loved the world together
You and I

We had fun, life, excitement
You and I

We found that fantasic bistro...
On the way to the taxi rank..
To get in from the rain
Where I drank till I spewed
and blamed the champagne..
Where the waiter took a shine to you
And picked you up
waltzed you across the floor.

I'll never go through that door...
Without you my love.

Everything changed...
didn't it, later on...
Post dessert pre coffee
It all turned sour
The waiter that next time returned to me..
With a glower
And you...
My love..

How could you come back to me cut in two
Broke even my hard unreachable heart
to see you cut up, your halves wide apart!

Maybe I used you..
Maybe I used and abused you.
Used and abused and repeatedly used you
Maybe abused you too hard...
Oh my over abused
Master Card.

Copyright; Gordon Taylor
Email: [email protected]



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