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"Top 100 Poems!" Top 100 Poems Volume 1

A Collection Of The Funniest
Poems From Around The World

Arcadia FlynnHi, I'm Duncan Flynn. It's my pleasure to offer you our first volume of 100 of the funniest poems available online. I know you'll gain as much enjoyment as I have as you flick through some real classics.

This collection of poetry will keep you laughing for weeks! We've gathered funny poems from all corners of the globe. You'll read tales of the ups and downs of work and home life, day to day goings on at the farm and some more saucy subjects that are often too hot to handle! Funny poems about life, love, or the lack of it... poems you can relate to.

From the very beginning with 'And God Created Woman' to the very end 'When Your Numbers are Up'. Stories about people like 'Billy and Bob', 'Rumble Russ', 'Mulligan's Missus' and 'Big Mary'. Some will make your toes curl...look out for 'Timbuktu', 'Pornography (it's not what you think!) and 'Big Bad Poo' (it is what you think!)

Top 100 Poems Volume 1 covers such delicate subjects as 'Mammogram' and 'Gastric Air Retention'. The girls will have a laugh over 'Family Planning', Boobs' and 'The New Dress' and we've not forgotten the guys with 'Wet Dream', 'Private Play' and 'Cold Hard Facts!'

Oh I wish I had boobs that would wobble
Mine just stay still in one place
In the breast hall of fame
You won't see my name
For my boobs there would be a disgrace

from 'Boobs'

A collection like this has not been easy to come by...until now!!! We've saved you the trouble of sifting through pages and pages of poems and hundreds of websites to find the really funny poems. They're all here in the one, easy to download e-book.

I know you'll love this collection and I believe in it so much that I'm offering a 100% money back guarantee (see the bottom of this letter).

I'm piddl'n and paus'n and paus'n and piddl'n
And then I'm a-paus'n once more
It's three in the morn'n, I'll be back before dawn'n
And I'll walk that cold lavat'ry floor

from The Piddler's Lament

Every day we receive a mountain of funny poems from talented poets all around the world. It's exciting to be able to offer their poems to your through this first wonderful, fun-filled volume.

He'd painted the dunny nipple pink,
and painted the farm ute beige
He'd shampooed and blow dried all my sheep,
I flew into a rage
My tractor had turned to a Mardi Gras float,
so I headed inside in a huff
To find that pot of tea he'd made
was that chamomile bloody stuff!

from The Gay Farmhand

Help us to spread more laughter through the world...we need it now more than ever. Share some funny poems with your friends and family. Bring smiles to the faces of your workmates, your dinner guests or at the next birthday party. You'll find a poem to suit just about every occasion.


"Do you know...what day it is?"
"Nope"...said my beau. "What's today?"
"Well! If you can't remember", I cried
"I'm not gonna say.
Well aren't you gonna ask me?"
I insisted with a few tears.
"Alright", he said..."you're fifty today...
and you have been for three or four years".

from 'Fifty Something

It's so easy to order Top 100 Poems Volume 1. By the time it takes you to make your favourite drink and prepare your most comfortable chair, it'll be ready for you to sit back and enjoy.

You'll be so glad you did!

If you're still not sure and you just need a little something to make that decision easier, then here it is.


"100% Money Back Guarantee"

100 % Money Back Guarantee!My guarantee is that you'll split your sides, laugh your socks off and roll about on the floor till you're a blubbering mess....or your money back!

It's true! I'll give you a 100% 365 day money back guarantee. YES, a full YEAR guarantee! Now, you might think I'm a little daft, because, once you download the e-book, it's yours and you can't send it back for a refund. But I'm more than happy to stand by my guarantee.

If for any reason you're not satisfied with the e-book, please email me and I'll refund your $9.97. I know that's a little unusual, but I just couldn't sleep at night if I thought there was one person who felt that they didn't get their money's worth.

My aim is simply to spread more laughter through the world. If you feel I haven't given you your laughter quotient in this book, then I'll be happy to refund you. There, now I can sleep at night and so can you!

Let's get started now so you'll have the book in your hands and be reading it within minutes!
Once you've placed your order,
"Top 100 Funny Poems Volume 1" will be ready for you to download.


"Top 100 Poems!" "Top 100 Funny Poems Volume 1" is available for only $9.97 (that works out at less that 10 cents a poem!)

After placing your order, you will be redirected to the page which will give you instructions on downloading. If you have any problems either ordering or downloading, please email us.

Enjoy many laughs!

Click on the 'Order Now' which will take you
to our Secure SSL Server
- Only $9.97 (US Dollars)

Order Now
For Instant Laughs!

Happy reading,

Duncan Flynn

P.S. Be warned! Read through the poems before you share them with your kids, grannie or at the church picnic as a few of them are just a little naughty!

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